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Gap Want: I “LIKE” Goods for Good

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alisa leonard

It is no secret I am an unabashed techno-optimist and web evangelist. Indeed, I spend most of my personal and professional time evangelizing how the web, social media in particular, can foster community, collaboration, learning, connection and inspiration. I firmly believe that there is much power for good in social media, that it can be a key agent for progress and change—particularly in developing communities and impoverished regions.

However, while the web indeed has the power to enlighten, educate and be a powerful tool for good, it is still limited in very real ways. Of course, there will always be a need for tangible goods to improve communities and developing regions– commodities that we often take for granted.

Goods for Good is an organization dedicated to bettering the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in developing areas by collecting and delivering surplus goods to children in need, “turning excess into success.”

I was thrilled to participate in the recent Gap Holiday campaign in support of Goods for Good. For every “Like” my video receives on Facebook, Gap will donate $1 to Goods for Good!

Please help with support this fantastic organization by clicking here, watching the video and pressing that “Like” button! Also, please visit Goods4good.org to learn more!

And yes, that is seriously one epic hat…love it! I think @JaclynRJohnson at Some Notes on Napkins would approve! ☺

alisa leonard

proof points

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The New York Times finally gets it– the largest social network? The Open Web….sorry, Facebook.


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