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About the creators

Designed by the people at Noble Samurai – a company that has proven itself supreme in the world of creating new and improved marketing tools – Market Samurai is the latest and greatest weapon that internet marketers can arm themselves with as they battle to receive the best and fastest information that will see them rise up the search engine rankings as soon as possible

The designers who created this product did so with one clear goal in mind – to maximise the methods and tactics used in gaining success online via marketing. They used all their years of experience and the knowledge gained from such a period of time, poured it all together, and came out with a tool that is truly remarkable.

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In a nutshell, what does it do?

In the basic, most understandable of terms, Market Samurai is an internet marketing tool that supplies users with all the needed information about key words that they could possibly want. By doing this, it gives internet marketers a huge advantage in quickly and accurately determining which keywords are vital for their particular internet niche. Another great aspect of this tool, and a key one, is that is it super easy to use and has been designed to be completely user friendly.

The main task that this product works to accomplish is to provide top quality keyword generation. It supplies such info on keywords as rankings and popularity. With this info at your fingertips, you can then track the ranking for you keywords, locate new ones, and/or buy domains that suit your main keyword.

The Key Features

This product is full to the brim with exciting and innovative features. However, in saying this, there are two that most definitely stand out from all the others. Below I have given a quick overview of these two features.

The Keyword Research feature – this part of the Market Samurai tool allows you to save a lot of time on your keyword research by having the option to either manually or, if you have a list made, automatically input them. However if you have neither of the aforementioned, then this is really where this feature comes into its own and can save you a bucket load of time and energy. Simply click on the Generate Keywords tab and MS will take over from their and automatically create a list of relevant keyword for your use. Then simply delete the keywords that you have on interest in and keep the ones that you might think could be useful. Once you have done this, then simply click on the Keyword Analysis tab and MS will get all the data that would ever need on your chosen keywords. From here you can then decide how best to employ them. This feature, as you can well imagine, can be used to save you tonnes of time and effort while you are doing your keyword research. It cuts down the amount of time needed which results in you having more time to concentrate on other, more vital areas of your internet marketing.

The SEO Competition feature – this nifty feature gives you a real edge in IM. You simply input the keyword that you are looking to target and MS will automatically display the top 10 results of that keyword on Google’s front page. It will allow let you know what type of competition you are facing for that particular keyword so you can judge whether it is worth the effort or not in taking on. As with the above feature, this aspect of MS is a huge time saver as you can quickly determine whether it is a viable option to go after certain keywords, or perhaps it is best to leave them alone.


Other Important Features

Find Content:this does pretty much what it says on the tin – it helps you to find and locate which types of sites that you want MS to look for, whether it be blogs, news sites, article directories, picture and video sites etc etc. All you have to do then is to decide what it is you want to do with this abundance of new information.

Monetization: this is very helpful feature when you are embarking on a new venture in an untested market. By using the monetization feature it is possible to locate possible keywords that have low competition yet high traffic. These keywords can then be used to build a site around.

Domains: if you are the type of internet marketer who is constantly buying and selling domains then this feature is a great addition for you. It can also be used to quickly and thoroughly find exact match domains.


Market Samurai Dojo:this is an exciting area within the MS product that provides users with tonnes of training videos and bits and pieces to help you improve your craft. It is also where the MS support and help services are located and these are second to none. Every query is answered quickly and thoroughly without any delay.

Promotion: this feature allows you direct access to a full list of blogs, forums, Web 2.0 sites, answer sites and much more so that you can search through them to see where your keywords pop up. You can then use this information to create links back to your site. This is vital for creating a top quality site.

Market Samurai Updates:as with every aspect of internet marketing, things are changing at a rapid rate. That is why updates are a vital part of the IM world. The designers of Market Samurai are constantly tinkering with ways to improve their product so that they can continuously offer the best IM tool possible.


My Final Word

I use this tool on a daily basis mainly because of the aforementioned Keyword Research and SEO Competition features, though I do dabble with the other features whenever I am in the need. All in all, Market Samurai has greatly reduced the amount of time that I spend on my market research – exactly what it was designed to do – and this leaves me with plenty more time to dedicate to other aspects of my online work. This overall speeds up the whole process and inevitably means that I can start seeing quicker returns for my hard work!

Thank you for reading my review; I hope that you found it informative and helpful and I wish you all the best with your internet marketing endeavours.

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