My HostGator Review – 75% Discount Coupon Code

About HostGator Hosting

HostGator was established in early 2002 and since its creation it has become one of the leading providers of web hosting services in the world. The HQ of this web hosting giant is located in Houston, Texas, United States, and from there they do their level best to provide continually top quality services for their clients who are based in over 200 countries all over the world. Employing a staff of over 750 people, HostGator supply a second to none personal experience for their customers, whether you be new or long term.

The HostGator packages are varied and extensive enough to suit any type of potential customer and include Shared, Resellers, VPS, and Dedicated server packages. These packages can all be further tailored to suit both web users who are just starting their internet journey, and also master marketers who are looking for a safe, reliable, top quality hosting company. Or, indeed, anybody who lies in between these two extremes!

Below I have listed what I believe are the key elements and benefits that you need to know about HostGator – including discount offers, sales, and some other info that is well worth looking at. I hope that you find my review informative.

HostGator Cyber Monday and Black Friday Coupons 2015

hostgator-cyber-monday-coupon code

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are promotional days that HostGator run every year in an effort to both attract new customers and also to reward existing ones with great offers. Cyber Monday runs on Monday, December the 1st, while Black Friday is on, you guessed it, Black Friday! Each promotion is a great opportunity to avail of the maximum possible discounts that are available in a HostGator package. If you are the kind of person that uses websites on a day to day basis then these two promotional days are must not miss events. What exactly happens on these days is that online shopping firms turn up with some exciting offers, which would force most of online shopping users to purchase at least one item on that day. Some of these are offers are truly great and are once in a lifetime opportunities.

Black Friday is the first day after US Thanksgiving day while Cyber Monday is the marketing name of the first Monday after US Thanksgiving day. As both of them are preceded by US Thanksgiving day of United States, sellers never hesitate to provide awesome discounts on these days. Such discounts will of course provide them profit because many people would be there to avail such a big discount and hence to grab desired products. Obviously, since you would like to spend as less money as possible, Cyber Monday is the most appropriate to accomplish all your online shopping adventures.

Cyber Monday offers are as good as they are rare as they offer to deliver you a whopping 60 % to 75 % discount. Unless you find joy in spending a lot of money, this is a big deal for you, especially if you are one newbie blogger, as you can save the half of whole payment. For example, if you are purchasing the service for a whole year, you can save a lot of money, indeed. For instance, during this offer period, you will get the baby plan of HostGator at a monthly charge of around $3, which is of course a big deal to any internet marketer – it doesn’t matter how lucrative or high end your business is.

HostGator Summer Deals

Not just content with having great deals after Thanksgiving, HostGator also runs some great events throughout the summer – again with the aim of attracting a new client base and also to reward their loyal customers to date. The HostGator Summer Gateway Sale can go as high as 75 % in terms of a discount and can start from just $1.24/month which is ridiculously cheap when you consider the quality of the services that will be provided. The incredible offer is valid for all hosting packages, including Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated server, and Reseller hosting. Another great feature of this sale is that domain names are cheaper than normal and can go for as little as $8/ year. I have a listed below a few more examples of Summer Sales that HostGator do and their key benefits:

1) Shared Web Hosting – 75% Off:

The Summer Gateway Sale comes with up to 75% discount for the 1 and 6 month terms of shared hosting plans, so the Hatchling, baby and Business plans are pricing from $1.24/month, $2.49 and $3.74/month respectively. As well, the other billing terms are also valid for 45% discount.

2) VPS Hosting – 50% Off:

The Summer Gateway Sale covers 50% discount for HostGator VPS Hosting. Instead of paying the regular price from $19.95/month, customers can now start at $9.98/month, saving $242 for the Snappy 1000 yearly billing.

3) Dedicated Server – 45% Off:

HostGator Dedicated server is 45% off the regular price under the promotion. As the basic plan is pricing for $174/month recurring, now customers can get it for only $96/mo. Besides, free cPanel and 2 dedicated IPs are included.

4) Reseller Hosting – 45% Off:

Additionally, HostGator Summer Gateway Sale also includes 45% discount for the Reseller hosting package, which makes the service is as affordable as $13.72/mo.

As you can see, there are a whole range and variety of deals on offer over the summer months and plenty of great stuff to avail of.

HostGator Coupons

Below I have listed some great coupon deals that HostGator offer with relevant info and codes that are needed.


1) 30% Off Coupon:

Details: 30% off on any new hosting package with HostGator. Exclusive to


Code: RMN30

2) 1 Cent Coupon:

Details: Get your first month’s hosting for only one cent


3) Reseller Coupon:

Details: Get $24.94 off any reseller package


4) Discount Coupon:

Details: Get $9.94 off


5) 20% Off Coupon:

Details: 20% off any HostGator package. Expires on the 12/19/2015


6) 25% Off Coupons:

Details: Get 25 % off any package


What I Like Most About HostGator

To be honest, there is so much to like about this company that I could just go on and on. I have already mentioned the great deals and coupons that I just chatted about, and the info that I gave you in the intro like the unrivalled customer support offered, but I think that the element that makes HostGator stand out from the crowd of competing hosting companies is the fact that they possess super fast servers with an extraordinary uptime record. My first site that I got with HostGator never once dropped below 99.95 % uptime, and this was all for a site that only cost me %5.96 per month to host!


If you do have any plans about building a new blog or website, it is important to keep in mind the importance of choosing a good web hosting service as this service will be the backbone of your intended website or blog. A great way – and also a common sense approach – is to go with a company name that you know to be well respected and reliable. HostGator is exactly just that. Everyone, from the beginner to the six figure internet marketer, has heard of HostGator and the reason for this is very simple – they provide the best services at the cheapest possible prices. Over the years they have helped numerous bloggers, internet marketers, and web developers to create their websites and achieve their online dreams by supplying them with exceptional quality of service.

There ends my review HostGator. I hope that you found it as enjoyable to read as I did to write it and I wish you all the best in your search for a hosing company.

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