How to Get Your Tech Business Known Locally

Marketing your business can be time consuming and expensive, but a good marketing strategy can make or break your company. In addition, the majority of small businesses have limited cash flow and so implementing your marketing techniques may be daunting.

As a business owner, you may imagine yourself as the CEO of a thriving, international tech company. However, before you can conquer the world, your small business must first flourish locally.

To promote your tech business and become known locally, make sure to use these tips.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is a fantastic free source of advertising. Whether you choose to use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (or maybe all three), social media helps you to promote your company and services, while also building business personality and identity.

In addition, social media offers paid advertising, which can be used to target users in your local area.

Online Directories

According to a newly published report, the tech industry is the fastest growing sector in the UK. While this is fantastic news, it also means that businesses face tough competition.

One of the easiest ways to get your business name known locally is to register details on search engine directories. This will ensure that your tech business appears near the top of search results and allow potential clients to quickly find your information.

Team Up

Forming business relationships with another local startup or small company can be beneficial, helping to promote your brand and bring in clients. However, when choosing another company to team up with, make sure to select a business that will compliment your products or services, rather than compete. A successful partnership should be supportive, refer customers and help to boost business.

Local Events

One of the easiest ways to get your tech business out there is by attending local events. This could be a networking evening, where you can form beneficial relationships and meet potential investors; or community events, where you could provide sponsorship, offer advice, discounts for first time customers, or free samples.

Traditional Marketing

While digital marketing is essential, traditional marketing techniques still have their role to play, especially when it comes to boosting your brand locally. This could include door drop leaflet marketing, which would allow your small tech company to reach potential customers in a cost-effective, targeted and measurable way.

Marketing a tech business can be difficult but hopefully these tips will help to build your brand locally. Top tip: remember to mix digital and traditional marketing methods to really boost your success.

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