5 Chrome Extensions to Maximize your Gmail Experience

Extensions to maximize your Gmail experience

Tired of wondering if your email ever reached its destination? You can rest easily now. These Google Chrome extensions will help you become more efficient, more professional and will release you from the stress of not knowing if your e-mail was read or not.

Besides, you can sleep soundly knowing that the email you have to send in the morning will already be on its way by the time you’re taking your shower or brewing your coffee.

1. MailTrack.io

Grading Rate: 4.54 stars | Official Site: Mailtrack.io

Mailtrack-io Google Chrome extensions for Gmail

This is my favorite extension because, it gives me answers to two of the most important questions: “Did Jane read my message?” and “When did Jane read my message?”. The first green check means that your message was sent, while the second one confirms that your e-mail was read.

It’s perfect for sales teams, client management, job hopefuls, project managers, and, of course, internal communication. What is more, the chrome extension will tell you exactly when it was read, how many times it was opened, and which device it was opened on. You don’t have to check the status of your messages constantly because the chrome extension will send email alerts and desktop notifications.

As an extra-bonus you can also find out if you are being ignored deliberately (ouch!).

2. Boomerang

Grading rate: 4.11 stars | Official Site: Boomerang

Number two on our chrome extensions list we have Boomerang. This nifty tool gives you the possibility to schedule your pre-written messages to be sent or returned at a later date. Just watch the video above and you will be ready to do it yourself.

Boomerang - Google Chrome extensions for Gmail

This can be wonderful, especially if you are not a morning person but you want your email to be read sent out before the crack of dawn. It’s also useful for clients or team members who work in different times zones. You can also select messages to be taken out from your inbox in order to make them pop-up again (marked unread or starred), when you actually need them.

A great feature of this chrome extension is that you will receive a reminder alert in case you don’t get a reply to a message. What’s more is that Boomerang helps you schedule follow-up reminders for you clients, which are extremely important in managing a sale.

The extension is cost-free for a limited number of messages per month, but you can choose a subscription plan according to your needs.

3. Yesware

Grading rate: 4.44 stars | Official Site: Yesware


What do IBM, Ebay, and Groupon have in common? They all use Yesware. This app is ideal when you work in the sales industry. With it, you and your sales team will know exactly when and where your emails get opened.  You will be able to schedule reminders  so you can follow up and never lose track of a prospect again.

Email templates will help you organize your thoughts and you can even send out personalized emails to up to 200 people at once. With only one click you can sync your Google and Salesforce calendar. This way you’ll be able to keep track of everything in easily. With its tracking system, Yesware will give you the chance to find out what contact helped you close the deal faster.

Knowing who viewed your presentation, how much time was spent on every page, and even how often it was accessed are only a few other perks of the software.

4. WiseStamp

Grading rate: 4.08 stars | Official Site: WiseStamp

WiseStamp - Google Chrome extensions for Gmail

This extension is simply awesome! The reason I like it so much is because it enables me to personalize myemail signature. We all know how important is to present yourself in a professional manner. WiseStamp creates a sleek, elegant, interactive signature which will make you stand our from the crowd.

It’s a dynamic way to share your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest profiles. You can also promote your company logo and add your friendly, yet professional picture.

WiseStamp - Google Chrome extensions for Gmail

WiseStamp has a package for your business too! You have 14 days of free trial to get familiar with it, but I bet you’ll end up loving it. This chrome extension has a large variety of signature templates and also gives the possibility to integrate with Google Analytics to examine your signature campaign’s effectiveness.

As a plus, you can promote up-coming company events, news, latest blog posts, special offers or promotions.

5. Easy Disposable Email Address

Grading rate: 4.53 stars | Official Site: Easy Disposable Email Address

Easy Dispose Email Address - Google Chrome extensions for Gmail

Number 5 on our Google Chrome extensions for Gmail list is Easy Disposabble Email Address. Some of you may have heard of it. Just click where you need a disposable email address and this extension will allow your temporary inbox to load in a new tab opened in the background.

The only thing you have to do every time you want to check your emails is to go to that tab and refresh it. It requires minimal permissions –  no need to offer access to all your websites, only to those providing disposable email.

This concludes my list of Google Chrome extensions for Gmail. Do you use any of them or are you testing out something different? I would love to hear your opinions!

Image Sources: depositphotos.com

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