The Web Is Social работа intends to be your go-to resource on everything web service, web design and SEO jobitel (search engine optimization) related. If you’re a fellow find-bride.com scam advertiser, designer, online service find-bride.com scam manager or simply someone who owns or maintains найти работу в нижнем новгороде a website, this should definitely become your next bookmark. We post regular updates and comprehensive guides on the best keyword tools, the best web services работа москва for a whole array of related niches, we explain things like how the search engine crawlers work and so on.

To cut a long story short, we’re a team of professionals working in the niche and we love sharing with you here some of the things we do or research during our best weeks. We post whenever our main jobs allow us to (aka when the tasks we have aren’t all-consuming), so bear with us if you don’t see immediate updates when you expect them. Still, we’re pleased to say that this once little website has grown to be quite a rich cache of resources, so please feel free to get lost in our archives. We may not post new content as often as we’d like, but there’s still a lot to discover around here.

Without further ado, this is who we are:

1. Marguerite Steelman

With a gift for strategy and structure, Marguerite is always one step ahead when it comes to her work, and somehow manages to have a Plan B for every single one of tasks, so that everything is perfect at the end of the day. A trained architect, with a longstanding passion for writing and technology, Marguerite always manages to impress with her exceptional work. She is a delightfully talkative person and she can always lift everybody’s spirits with her upbeat personality.

2. Mary Cordoba

Mary has a strong academic background in social sciences and anthropology, but then she decided to take her research fascination elsewhere, into the realm of online content and website creation. She manages quite a few projects and loves the fast pace of online work, as well as the challenges of creating alive content for alive people. If she could choose, she’d like her professional tagline to be ‘Mary Cordoba, link architect’, since she likes building up link structures so much.

3. Mercedes T. Perry

Mercedes has a background in science and she is an extremely well organized person. She can put anything and everything in order and she is the voice of reason in our team. She is kind and easy going and her effervescent personality is absolutely addictive. She is extremely passionate about writing and the extensive experience she has gathered over the years has made her a true expert in this field.

4. Donald J. Backstrom

Donald is an expert in all things tech, as gadgets and gizmos have been his passion ever since he can remember. He always knows the latest buzz about technology and manages to offer his readers the most valuable information about the latest trends in the field. Donald is trained in law https://jobitel.com and business, so he always provides readers with a multilayered approach on the topics he takes on. Needless to say, he is the tech wiz of our team.

5. Stephanie Luker

Stephanie has an innate ability for words, and inquisitive mind and a deep understand of everything tech. She started her career as a content creator six years ago, and has never looked back since then. Her favorite topics revolve around social media and pretty much anything related to user engagement. Ever wondered how a seemingly unimportant button on your website can affect the mood of your readers? Are you eager to learn what игровые автоматы онлайн бесплатно makes people tick on social media? Stephanie will break down these notions, and many more, into sizeable & easy-to-understand nuggets of knowledge.

6. Paula Attebery

Paula is the calmest and gentlest member of our team. She is trained in the field of art criticism and has an amazing eye for aesthetics and details that enable her to develop enticing and emotionally stimulating content, because she always manages to highlight the right note on every topic. Her strong credentials include a double MA and reveal her level of dedication to her work. She is meticulous and patient and she has the tremendous quality of finding beauty in everything.