Google+ & +1: Connecting The Digital Dots

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I recently spent a few days at Google and with the Google+ folks, and as a marketer, it got me very excited.

What stands out about Google’s approach is that it is clear they are not out to build another destination social network (thank goodness).

Rather, they seem to be out to build the social OS— a social data layer that underpins everything, creating a more significant and measurable relationship between a brand’s website, paid media, natural search and social engagement. They are doing what Facebook should have done. +Pages, Google+ for businesses, are not slated to launch until early fall.

Here’s what’s exciting
The relationship between +Pages and +1 means that the social graph will be connected with actions across natural search, paid media and website content. It means big opportunities for marketers to create strategically integrated, connected digital programs across bought, earned and owned media.

Consider the impact of a connected program
A paid media program utilizing +1 could extend its targeting through social re-targeting (if I +1 an ad, it is served to my social graph and takes priority over other ads), and at the same time capture those audiences in a social database for ongoing messaging & engagement beyond the paid campaign (when I +1 an ad I am given the option of joining the brand’s +Page right there)— and, that brand messaging (content) shared through the +Page in turn creates visibility in natural search, yet another high value brand touch point.

Additionally, If I add +1 to my site content, say at the product category level or even product level, and that content receives a lot of +1′s, that action can have a positive impact in two ways:

1) Customers that +1 the product will be asked to join the brand’s +Page circles (site interaction to CRM!)
2) Your site content benefits from improved search visibility from social signals