What Makes for a Quality Backlink? Link Building 101

This article aims to define the anatomy of a quality backlink, highlighting at the same time the fundamental features of an optimal backlink profile. What Makes for a Quality Backlink? Matt Cutts says that today’s best and most desirable SEO practices and strategies rely on quality. If you wonder

Best Twitter Tools to Get More Twitter Followers

A couple of weeks ago we published our hands-on Tweet Attacks Pro 3 Review – one of the best automation tools for Twitter. However, it’s really expensive and it lacks customer support entirely. So, why not make a round-up with the best Twitter tools that help you

Long Tail Pro Review – Supreme Keyword Search Tool

Updated on November 18, 2015 Have you heard about the Long Tail Pro keyword research tool? Maybe you haven’t, but if you’re trying to make your website rank on search engines, you at least know what long tail keywords are used for. This is my review of

Getting Started with SEO Keyword Research

While Google Algorithm Updates frequently add more rules to keep an eye on, one thing that remains consistent for bloggers, businesses and internet marketers is SEO keyword research. You’ve probably heard of SEO before and if you’re here, then it means you’re a little bit baffled by

URL Slug Optimization: Best SEO and User-Friendly Practices

Search engine optimization is sometimes about making small but meaningful modifications to parts of your websites. One such improvement that can have a significant impact on your site’s performance and usability is the anatomy of friendlier URL slugs. While there are many resources you can review on

BuzzSumo Review & Tutorial: Content Research Made Easy

BuzzSumo is a powerful pro tool to use in building up content marketing strategies. Its core principle is simple: the easiest way to discover content worth valorizing is by searching what best resonates with social media audiences. Forget about wasting time on researching social media, reading the

Tweet Attacks Pro 3 Review and Guide

What is Tweet Attacks Pro 3? Tweet Attacks Pro 3 is an automation tool for the online social networking service called Twitter. It’s basically sells you the promise that you will rock at Twitter, without too much effort (which, by the way, we can also help with,

5 Chrome Extensions to Maximize your Gmail Experience

Tired of wondering if your email ever reached its destination? You can rest easily now. These Google Chrome extensions will help you become more efficient, more professional and will release you from the stress of not knowing if your e-mail was read or not. Besides, you can